We are Wyntercon, an award-winning arts and educational Charity. Based in Sussex, we support, encourage and educate those from underprivileged backgrounds and help them be an active and beneficial part of their local community.

Cosplay & Costume Play

Enthusiastic and talented cosplayers bring to life our favourite characters, make us laugh with their extraordinary talents! Here at Wyntercon we encourage you to put on that face paint, brandish that magic staff and stick on those elf ears because you are one of us.

Our Community

Over the years we have worked around the clock to construct an organisation that is accessible to all. Inclusion is at the very heart of what we do, and everything is exclusively not-for-profit to support those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Educational Workshops

Our educational workshops, attractions, and other endeavours are available to everyone, and exist to provide a springboard for creative minds to explore their passions. All of our workshops are based within curriculum key stages.

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Wyntercon Blog & Articles

Wyntercon Assemble
Dec 7, 2020

This has been a tough year for everybody. The pandemic has hit many people hard, both financially and socially. Wyntercon is a charity, like all charities, we rely heavily on the generosity of others. We are reaching out for your help. What we need are volunteers and ideas.

Silent Running
Aug 21, 2020

Here at Wyntercon, we would like to apologise for the lack of communication recently. We know that our usual output across all social media has been lacking, and our regular blogs have been in dark mode. This has not been due to us slacking off, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Wyntercon VII - Cancelled for 2020
Jul 20, 2020

Following the Government's announcement on 17th July, that events and conferences will only be allowed to resume from 1st October 2020 and having considered the practicalities of postponing Wyntercon VII to later in 2020. The Wyntercon Trustees have concluded that they have no workable alternative but to cancel Wyntercon VII for 2020.


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