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Is Twitter good for smaller independent business owners?

By Fatz - @mrfatztv
January 29, 2020

One of the biggest questions for any business owner is what social media platforms should you be using, also how to use them effectively to gain the best ROI… For many it’s essentially personal preference, but there is facts, figures and demographics you MUST pay attention to when using social media.

For example to target a younger demographic you would be using Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram. Thats simply because that’s what younger people are using more of now days. You need to go where your target market is online, its that simple..

“A lot of business owners are using the first social media platform they are told to use, usually facebook and instagram. Then they spend money on poor adverts and wonder why they get limited results… ” – Fatz (Modify Media Owner)

Is twitter good for business?

The thing is twitter is great for bloggers, vloggers, celebrities, news, politicians, quotes, big brands and short messages. Remember twitter is a short and sweet platform meaning your posts and content is limited on this platform

What you can post:

• A video no longer then 240 seconds
• 4 images in one post
• Text limit of 240 characters

So why are so many smaller business owners using Twitter when you are so limited? It’s simple really, it’s easy to use especially for those who are not so active on social media platforms. It is also a lot easier to use if you don’t know how to be so visually creative with videos and images, which is basically instagrams whole point…

Remember visual content performs best, with images gaining 50% higher engagement and videos gaining 70% higher engagement. This is great for smaller independent businesses who want to save money but increase reach-ability.

Is Twitter good for smaller independent business owners?

Let’s take a look at a carpenter, a hair salon and a new footwear brand. This is just for an example of how different people may want to use social media and where Twitter comes into the equation.

The Carpenter – For starters a carpenter will be looking for people who are interested into maybe home improvements, which would suggest a more mature maybe slightly older demographic earning more money.

This may lean towards other business owners as well who earn more and always looking to upgrade their homes and businesses.

For example a carpenter wouldn’t be advertising on Snapchat as thats a much younger demographic, who wouldn’t be interested n a loft conversion as they may still live with their parents.

Roughly 40% of twitter users are 18 – 29 years old, suggesting maybe there is a smaller niche there for a carpenter…

Although 61% of LinkedIn users are aged 30 – 61 who are more professional, many are business owners or value their career. With this information alone I would be leaning more towards using LinkedIn and Facebook for my carpentry business.

LinkedIn for higher earning, older demographic and Facebook due to it being the most popular. Both can handle a variety of videos and images of previous projects for portfolio work.

A hair salon – Theres an abundance of barbers and hair salons in most towns, which everyone needs constantly. So there is always a need for this service and the age range varies. But if you are a hair salon your target market would be mostly woman.

Roughly 34% of women use Twitter and 61% of men use twitter, which would suggest maybe twitter with its limited imagery and low female usage may be no good for a hair salon.

Did you know roughly 80% of Pintrest’s users are women and Instagram is perfect for your imagery, as well as Facebook being the leader on social media. Also Facebook is widely used for people looking for places/businesses to visit, this may be an easier way to be found for your hair services locally.

New footwear brand – Its clear that brands do very well on Twitter due to the easier access to other brands and celebrities. Which may be a good start for your new brand to build credibility.

For a new brand to grow strength and credibility you either need endorsements or a larger reach to gain momentum. This is where Twitter may help you as you could offer a free product to Bloggers, Vloggers and Celebrities who do very well on Twitter.

Also using hashtags may help gains some organic reach, similar to Instagram hashtags. In this case Twitter may be a good option, especially if you can get retweets our better yet a trending tweet.independent businesses who want to save money but increase reachability.


There is obviously a place for each and every social media platform and Twitter has it’s very own demographic, which we must respect as users. As stated its very well known for news, quotes, bloggers, vloggers, bigger brands, influencers and celebrities.

But that doesn’t mean that’s its not good for business, although you will have to look at your very own target market,  the demographic you want to hit and then decide if its worth getting involved with.

For us here at Modify Media, we feel its lacks a lot visually but we are a visually creative company. In theory we have a bias opinion on it, but facts and figures don’t lie.. 70% higher engagement with video content, 50% higher engagement with images.

What ever platform you decide too use for your business, please take into consideration what you want to post and who you want to see it, its very likely you will be influenced to use a social media platform that someone else prefers because its ‘easier’ or they know how to use it.

You need to do what’s right for you and your business, whilst looking at where you are most likely to sell or excel.

Article Written / Created by By Fatz - @mrfatztv
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