We are Wyntercon, an award-winning arts and educational Charity. Based in Sussex, we support, encourage and educate those from underprivileged backgrounds and help them be an active and beneficial part of their local community.

Wyntercon VII - Special Guest - James Hayball

June 3, 2020

Fantasy Illustrator James Hayball will be attending Wyntercon VII. James is a freelance artist and has been working as a fantasy illustrator for about 5 years now, after choosing to quit his mind numbing office job and pursue his dream.

When asked why he does fantasy illustrations he responded; "I think the main reason fantasy illustration appeals to me is the idea of creating a whole world/character from your head, filling it with whatever you want and giving the place its own character and story.

Lighting and mood is a factor I am constantly working on and trying to develop as this is the main factor that draws me to other artists' work. I'm a total sucker for pretty lighting!"

James exhibited at Wyntercon II, where then he had a vast array of wonders from Game Mats to Prints.

5 years later, we can't wait to see what wonders he has in store for us all this time and it's great to have him back!

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