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What shall we post on social media to make an impression?

January 13, 2020

On Sunday 12/01/2020 we here at Wyntercon posted a collection of #starwars #lego based photos depicting various areas/situations of parenthood, all completely child-friendly but equally something that all parents can relate to. The post on #facebook gained and still is gaining some serious traction, at the time of posting this it had over 220k impressions and 1600 shares, that's arguably the best random content post we have had on Wyntercon since 2014. We do have regular posts that gain traction in the region of 25-35k impressions and our average, taken over a 90 day period, has shown that Facebook generates about 210,000 impressions a month according to its own analytics. But why does this happen, if we are completely honest, and based solely on our #socialmedia journey over the last six years, we have narrowed it down to four factors. 

Directly relatable image, people need to know what it is without any real explanation, Keep it Simple (K.I.S)

Be current, the image must relate to either an extreme box office hit (in the last 90 days (#starwars) or feature something that everyone recognises, i.e. like #Lego - Ideally both of these factors, whatever they are.

Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want to be plastered on a poster on the side of a bus with your face next to it.

...and last but not least 

Get Lucky, there is no other reason we can come up with. If it works then it works, when it does ride the wave and embrace it. There is no shortcut to online success, we have worked hard, over 700 posts on #Facebook in 2019 alone. Some have worked and some really haven't, the trick is to persevere and you will get there.

Hope this helps please see attached the stats of our Facebook post attached.

Andy Kybett AKA Mr Wyntercon

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