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TJC Cosplays

October 25, 2021

Hello! I am TJC Cosplays.

I have been involved in the cosplay community since 2018. My role in the community is as an anti-bullying ambassador, fundraiser and an admin for “TJC CommUnity”.

I’m a cis-gendered male that is known for not being restricted to cosplaying only male characters. Often this is questioned as to why? My simple answer is this: “I first cosplayed Wonder Woman because I love the character. Diana Prince (for me) is an inspirational role-model because she is strong; she stands against inequality, but stands for justice.

The experience gave me a strong sense of empowerment and belonging. I never looked back since.” It was difficult for me at first, antiquated societal pressures dictate: “Men should be men.” In venturing down this path I faced many adversities and challenges.

Moreover the saying goes, “That what does not kill you only makes you stronger.” Through reflection, I came to realise how ridiculous it is for strangers to shape others to make themselves feel comfortable, as opposed to just accepting everyone as individuals.

We only share a couple of things in common with every person in this world: we are all human and we are all different.  

It was only when I thought about this more; that I realised how happy I was to express myself and explore my own identity by becoming characters whose identities are of another world to my own. I no longer buckle to bullies, my philosophy in life is: “If someone does not mean anything to me: then their negative words and opinions are meaningless to my world. If someone does not accept me for the individual I am then they don’t deserve to be a part of my world.”

I fight against bullying and bigotry; mostly (but not tethered) within the cosplay community.

I promote inclusiveness as cosplay is for everyone: age, body, gender, religion, ethnicity etc. are not variables; we should be free to become our favourite characters.

This hobby has been my creative outlet, my sword and my shield. It has helped me overcome a lot of my social anxiety, helped me laugh in the face of adversity and has finally given me the confidence/self-esteem that got bullied out of me in my teenage years. I implore anyone who leaves their comfort-zone and gives it a try.

The wonderful thing about the cosplay community is that at its best we are a global village with a supportive hive-mind and I wouldn’t be where I am now without it.

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