We are Wyntercon, an award-winning arts and educational Charity. Based in Sussex, we support, encourage and educate those from underprivileged backgrounds and help them be an active and beneficial part of their local community.

The Wyntercon Event - An Annual Fundraiser with a difference!

February 3, 2020

There are many genre conventions around the UK and the world. They range from full-on ComicCons which cater to the love of comic books and their creators to movie-based theme events. Most of the conventions have exhibitors where visitors can purchase merchandise related to their chosen passion or interest.

The annual Wyntercon event takes this basic premise and expands it a hundredfold. It actively seeks to bring people together, to nurture communities and individuals and give a safe space for people to flourish. From year one to the present day, these annual fundraisers have been run with the mantra "It doesn't matter what world you come from, you are welcome in ours."

This phrase is more than just a tag line; it represents the entire philosophy and ethos of the charity and is the defining principle that everyone supports from the attendees and participants to the special guests. Everyone that comes to Wyntercon`s annual fundraiser is encouraged to take this inclusive principle to heart and embrace it.

The event's 'friendly' status is just that. The ambience that surrounds each zone and workshop is one of participation, not capital gain. The exhibitors want to sell you their wares, however, with the event actively encouraging everyone to interact and enjoy their time, the friendliness of this convention is on another level.

This annual fundraising event has won and been shortlisted for many awards including Best Community Event in Sussex 2019, the National Disability and Inclusion Awards and winning the annual Eastbourne Tourism Award twice.

By having different zones and workshops, people can meet other like-minded souls; it also encourages attendees to investigate a part of the genre fandoms they may never have seen or tried before. While all around them, all of the volunteers and exhibitors are continuously delivering a message of inclusion, participation and kindness.

Previous Wyntercon events have had stilt walking entertainers, magicians, special guests, artists, authors and even dinosaurs and wolves!

In 2019 Wyntercon VI attracted over 6000 attendees and 100 exhibitors showcasing a huge variety of products and services from across the entire creative spectrum.

To keep up to date on this year's event, please follow our social media or visit our website.

We look forward to welcoming you in September for Wyntercon VII.

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