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Wyntercon VI - A Review

A great review by Author Colin Davies

Author: Colin Davies
October 22, 2019

I am an old hand when it comes to geek conventions. For more years than I care to remember I have been travelling around to meet up with like-minded people to chat and celebrate the fictional worlds that we all love so much. From the smallest room in the back of a pub where meeting for my local horror appreciation society meet to the vast halls and mind blowing amounts of people at an MCM event, my personal favourite is Wyntercon. So much so that ever year I make the 500 and odd mile round trip from Blackpool to the South Coast just to attend the event.

There are many reasons I do this. It is the place where my spoken word show ‘2001: a space ode and ditty’ made its debut. It’s run by the nicest people who have a genuine love of all things geek. It always has interesting people selling their wares but without it ever feeling like they are just after your money. And that’s the key, the people. Those that have stalls, exhibit, run it and visit it. Everyone is fantastic, open and warm. Wyntercon to me is a true hub for all things fantastical, where everyone is welcome.

I has been as wonderful, if not a little better than the rest. I met up with old friends, both from the area as well as those I have met through Wyntercon. I met new friends, really interesting, warm friendly people. And as always, I felt welcome. Wyntercon in a truly safe space where the likes of me can feel totally at ease. I have a great affection for Wyntercon, you can probably tell from the investment I make each year with regards to distance and accommodation. I don’t make the trip lightly. Thanks again to everyone that makes it happen, you have my bow.

Colin Davies


Video of the poem "When I Grow Up." Written by Colin Davies, performed by Colin Baker.

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