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Wyntercon VIII - Back to the Future

February 1, 2021

Great Scott! Is it true? Can it be? Is it even possible?

The answer to all the questions is, YES! Wyntercon VIII is coming back in 2021!* And to add to this excitement is the most wonderful news. Wyntercon's annual fundraiser and showcase is back where it all started, in Eastbourne's Devonshire Quarter at the Winter Garden. After many years of living in tents (big, bright circus ones) and hanging out in sports halls (and smaller tents) the greatest convention of them all (this might just be an opinion) is back!

No, your ears have not been filled with Ceti eels by Khan, you heard it right.  Wyntercon VIII is back at its spiritual home. Surely this can't get any more amazing? Well, in fact, it can.

The first-ever "convention for all" was held over Halloween weekend back in 2014, and its triumphant return to Eastbourne's newly refurbished Winter Garden and the new exhibition halls located in the adjoining Welcome Building will be on the exact same dates. I know! It's so darned awesome!

There will be workshops, cosplay, exhibits and traders. There will be all the same love and affection, inclusion and encouragement that has made the Wyntercon events one of the best genre conventions on the circuit. A family-friendly celebration of all things fantasy, sci-fi and horror (but remember, family-friendly). Books, movies, music, comics, roleplaying games, art and workshops. Ghostbusters, Furries, Stormtroopers, Superheros, Witches & Wizards. As our motto says "Whatever world you come from, you're welcome in ours."

So mark the date on your calendar, program your droid to remind you and get ready to book your tickets for a home-coming more exciting (and less dangerous) than Spider-Man's. On top of the year that we have all had to endure I can say with ease that this is one party, you don't want to miss.

A real treat that is both the event we want and the event you deserve. So look forward to the day when Eastbourne can witness Wyntercon back in the Winter Gardens, and we, the Wyntercon family, can be together once more under the one roof. So spread the word across the world of social media , please the hashtag #wyntercon !

There is a real chance that the number of genre conventions could be severely reduced in 2021 thanks to this pandemic. Some may not return because of bereavement and some because of hardships. Our thoughts and love go out to all those who may not be back this coming year. It is anticipated that those that can continue will be busier than ever, so book your tickets early to ensure your place in Wyntercon history.

We plan to release an initial batch of tickets for admission to Wyntercon VIII (30th-31st October 2021). These early release tickets will be available for online purchase from mid March.

During February we will be contacting traders/exhibitors who held their bookings over from Wyntercon VII (2020).  We expect to be in a position to take new bookings for the remaining exhibition space from early April 2021

*subject to Government guidelines.

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