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Wyntercon VIII - Special Guest - Paul Ian Cross

June 7, 2021

STEM Ambassador and Children’s Author Paul Ian Cross to attend Wyntercon VIII.

Paul Ian Cross, author of the Amazon bestseller The Lights of Time, was due to attend Wyntercon VII in 2020, the pandemic hit and Dr Paul will now be joining us in October for Wyntercon VIII.

Dr Paul's new book How to Vanquish a Virus (The truth about viruses, vaccines and more) was published in May 2021.

With the first roll out of vaccines established, How to Vanquish a Virus publishes to tie in with the latest urgent government initiative – to urgently educate the next generation. This accessible blend of fascinating facts, fun quotes and up-to-date science stories makes for a reassuring and approachable non-fiction read on 2021’s hottest topic.

Dr Paul has over 20 years' scientific research behind him, and sets out to answer all our questions. What does a virus look like? How is it passed from person to person? And who are the men and women currently making history? Fans of Horrible Histories will love this book – and parents might learn something, too!

Paul Ian Cross holds a degree in Microbiology, a Master’s in Clinical Research and a PhD in science communication, presenting with passion and expertise to non-scientists. Working with the World Health Organisation, NHS and the STEM Ambassadors Network, Paul regularly presents on the pandemic and vaccine programme, and has engaged around STEM with people ranging from Bill Bailey to James Patterson.

Dr Paul's passion is improving science literacy and one of his favourite ways of sharing science is through science fiction storytelling and talking about his favourite comics, books, movies and TV shows. That's why he can't wait to go to Wyntercon VIII!.

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