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Cosplay Competition 2018

Wyntercon Cosplay Competition 2018

You will be happy to know there will be two Cosplay Competitions this year, one on Saturday and one on Sunday so no one will miss out on a chance to win a prize.
Entry is free to all attendees with a valid purchased ticket. Members of the Wyntercon Team and/or Event volunteers with complimentary passes may enter but in the interests of fairness will not be eligible for prizes. In these circumstances special commendations may be awarded at the discretion of the judges.

There are four categories to choose from. Contestants may enter one category only of their choosing. Those being:-

  • Adult (Age 14 and Over)
  • Junior (Age 13 and Under)
  • Junior (Age 13 and Under)
  • Steampunk/Pirate (Any Age)
  • Team Cosplay (Groups of 2 or more. Characters must have a connected theme)
  • Daily Grand Champion (To be chosen from the winners of the 4 categories)

All contestants must complete a Competition Entrance Form prior to registration, which will take place between 10am and 1pm daily in the Cosplay Zone. Whilst forms will be available on the day it is highly recommended they are completed prior to the event. The judges would ask you to give them as much information as possible as this will be used in the initial judging stage to decide the finalists in each category.

A photograph or picture of the character you are portraying and any photos you have showing the construction of your costume would also be beneficial and may be attached to your entrance form. Please use copies as we will be unable to return them at the end of the competition.

During registration each contestant will be photographed (front and back) so practice your poses beforehand to show off your costume to its full potential. Should there be a particular piece of your costume you spent hours slaving over or has a lot of detail that may be missed in an overall shot, please speak to the team and we will be happy to include a close up of that item.

To make the competition as fair as possible judges will be marking costumes on the following criteria. Each judge will independently award up to 5 points for each section. The scores will then be added up and the 5 highest scores will have an extra opportunity to wow the judges in the finals taking place in the cosplay zone that afternoon, where they will make their final decision based on the overall scores and any additional information provided.

Should you have any further questions on the competition rules, please email

Cosplay Competition Judging Criteria

Originality/Accuracy 5 points
We will be checking how recognisable your costume is to the character you’re portraying.
Please note we are not looking at screen accuracy and do welcome originality including cross-overs, mash-ups etc., so don’t be frightened to add your own creative flair.
If you are portraying a character we may not know please print out a picture of them showing the full costume. If you are cosplaying your own character please let us know what inspired you to create this character and how you came up with the idea.

This section will look at all components including props, footwear, wigs and make-up.
Craftsmanship 5 points

Points will be awarded on how much of your costume is hand-made/adapted. (Don’t be frightened to show off but please be honest!)

This is worked out as a percentage. i.e. If you have made/adapted approx. 20% of your overall costume you will be awarded 1 point; 40% 2 points, 60% 3 points, 80% 4 points and 100% 5 points.

Effort 5 points
We will try and determine how hard each person had to work to complete their costume.
Time taken to source an original prop or searching for all the elements that make up bought costumes will also be taken into account.

Creativity 5 points

If you have compiled your costume from things found around the house, we look at how you have modified them, how you paired them and how creative you were. If your costume is handmade, make sure to let us know how you made it, if not, try and put more emphasis on something you adapted or styled, like your wig or added accessories.

Passion 5 Points
The word cosplay originated from a mix of two words – Costume and Play. Whilst some conventions require you to perform as your character, at Wyntercon we would rather hear why you enjoy cosplaying and particularly why you have chosen to cosplay the character you have. Have you been reading their comics/watching them on TV ever since you were a small child? Is it a character you relate to in some way? Or do you simply think their costume is fabulous? Whatever your reasons, we want to hear about them and how cosplay enhances your life.

(If there are any disappointed budding actors out there please feel free to entertain us during your registration/photo shoot and of course the final should you qualify)

Click the link to download the competition form : Competition Entrance Form


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