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Special Guests

Special Guests

Mark Stay

More information to follow shortly    

James Payton

James Payton was born to Nigel and Jennifer Payton in the cold, dark winter of 1975 at St Paul's Hospital, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Educated in the…

Clare Peacey

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Emily Carding

Emily Carding is an actor, theatre-maker, writer, artist and single mother. She particularly likes Shakespeare, Swords, Sci-Fi and scary movies but is not limited to…

Brett Jones

Brett Jones is manages SFB Events. Now in it’s 25th year, the Sci-Fi Ball is one of the longest running, fan run sci-fi events in…

Andrew Keates

Andrew Keates is a multi award-winning theatre producer. Andrew co-ran the Landor Theatre for three years, working on many productions as a Producer, Casting Director…

Toby Frost

Toby Frost, author of the Space Captain Smith books and other science fiction and fantasy.

Kit Cox

Kit Cox is the author and illustrator of the Union-verse books and other short stories. He is an actor, presenter and game creator. Kit Cox…

Lunastar Cosplay

(Lunastar Cosplay)

Gemma has been cosplaying for over 5 years. Completely self taught, she continually pushes herself to learn new techniques and skills. Her love of gaming cosplays…


GingerSnap has been Cosplaying for over 17 years. She uses her experience to inspire others by hosting an award winning cosplay accessibility and self confidence panel…

David Showler


Dave Showler worked with David Bowie on The Jim Henson film Labyrinth as a puppeteer performing goblins, The Well of Hands and other characters. Dave…

Jon Campling


Now recognizable worldwide as 'King Regis' from the epic 'Final Fantasy' franchise, Jon was born in Hull, Yorkshire and originally an Aerospace engineer & part-time…

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