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Located in the Welcome Building, the Cosplay Hall is home to all our cosplay guests. This hall is where your on-screen heroes come to life.  There is something for all the family, whatever age. Join Ghostbusters, Wookies, Avengers, Muppets, Pirates and Fairies to create lasting photo souvenirs of your Wyntercon VIII experience. If you are planning on joining us in costume, please read our Cosplay Guidelines before the event.

"It doesn't matter what world you come from, you're welcome in ours."

Cosplay Competition
Cosplay is a big part of Wyntercon VIII and we run one of the biggest costume competitions on the south coast. Our competition is free to enter and we have a variety of categories to choose from. Our judges reward creativity and effort above all so whether you are a beginner or an accomplished cosplayer, this is the competition for you!
For info on our Cosplay Competition and Judging Criteria please click here.
To Download the Cosplay Competition Entrance Form
please click here.

Join our Cosplay Q&A Guests
Have you ever seen an amazing cosplay or prop but been too afraid to ask how it was made? Well now is your chance to speak to some experts in their field. They will be available to give you hints and tips on inspiration, materials, construction, incorporating lighting and sound and those finishing touches that make your cosplay stand out from the crowd.

Evan Davies of Ninja Trooper Creations
Specialising in Wookie building, Evan will be demonstrating how to weave Wookie fur and giving tips on turning your hobby into a full time profession.

The Fairy Godfather himself James Bradley
The creator of Star Crossed Fairies, James will be giving guidance on producing beautiful animated fairy wings and costumes, sharing everything from his inspirations to technical know-how.  Whatever your question James is there to help and guide you.

Angel Effects
Angel is a professional custom made movie and game prop maker, specialising in custom Captain America shields.

Or why not visit one of our many fabulous cosplay individuals and groups, who are always happy to share their experience and knowledge with you.

Cosplay Guests at Wyntercon VIII include...

Unipool Cosplay

Unipool Cosplay

Unipool Cosplay (a.k.a David and Jan) return as our Cosplay Coordinators and competition judges. This popular couple can be seen guesting at conventions throughout the UK and are known for injecting humour and creativity into their projects. Keen to promote cosplay as a fun, enjoyable hobby for all, our cosplay team will greet you with equal enthusiasm, whether you are in a custom made outfit or a hand-painted cardboard box.

Gingersnap Cosplay

Gingersnap Cosplay

Gingersnap Cosplay (a.k.a Leia) is an accomplished cosplay artist and designer. Leia actively promotes body positivity, encouraging confidence building through the medium of cosplay.  Having taken a year off to become a mum, we feel excited and privileged to welcome her back to Wyntercon VIII as our Cosplay Ambassador and competition judge.

Lunastar Cosplay

Lunarstar Cosplay

Lunarstar Cosplay (a.k.a Gemma) is a cosplay artist who specialises in gaming costumes and particularly enjoys creating armour and large weapons, utilising a variety of techniques.  Gemma too returns to Wyntercon VIII as a cosplay judge after taking time out to welcome her own little bundle of joy.

Ninja Trooper Creations

Ninja Trooper Creations

Evan's cosplay journey started when he bought a stormtrooper outfit to hang on a manikin in his front room. Inspired by two of his favourite franchises he created his first build The Ninja Trouper, a Stormtrooper/Ninja Turtle mash-up and the rest is history. Caught by the cosplay bug he continually developed his skills and is now, to our knowledge, the UK's only full-time wookie maker. Evan recently featured in a nationally televised article about cosplay for the BBC.

Ash Cybershook

Ash Cybershock

Ash Cybershock (a.k.a Ashley) is a well known, seasoned cosplayer with many years of experience guesting at events throughout the UK. At Wyntercon VIII Ash will be displaying his 1980 Earthshock Cyberman costume. This project took countless hours of research and development. A faithful recreation of the original cyber leader, this cosplay incorporates a helmet made by a Dr Who props team and gun cast from the original moulds used in the TV series.

Varder's Raiders

Vaders Raiders

Vaders Raiders is a relatively new group founded in January 2019 and yet in such a short time, it has grown considerably, attracting members from all over the world.  With their combined love for Star Wars and costuming the group have travelled throughout Europe, entertaining the public and fans alike.  Vader’s Raiders are proud to have raised money for numerous charities both local and nationwide along the way.

Joker Squad UK

Joker Squad UK

Joker Squad UK was founded in 2013 and they're serious about Fun, Charity and Star Wars. The squad has grown to over 100 members across the UK who costume as every character you can think of.​ Be it a Tie Fighter Pilot, Endor Commando, Twilek Sith, Imperial Guard, Wookie, Snow Scout, Jawa, Storm Trooper, Havok Trooper, Sand Trooper, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Clone Trooper, Super Trooper (ok we made that last one up!) whatever your favourite costume is we can guarantee this squad has made one!

Mandelorian Mercs

VokChi Clan

The Vok'Chi Clan is the official UK group of the international Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Dedicated to representing Mandalorian culture, they attend conventions, fundraisers and parades, raising money for charities around the world. The Mandalorian Mercs prides itself on being an inclusive organisation, placing emphasis on camaraderie and the exchanging of collective costuming knowledge. If you would like to know how to build your own armour, make sure you search them out in the Star Wars zone.

Rob Shearing

Rob Shearing

Rob is our official Cosplay Photographer for Wyntercon VIII and started photography over 30 years ago. Throughout his career, he has shot many photo genres including modelling, weddings, landscape and sports. In his own words “Photography for me these days is a part-time affair. My passion is people and charities and I really love the vibrancy and creativity of the arts. Now I offer my services where I can. The feedback I receive is its own reward.”

Iconic Legion

Iconic Legion

Based in the South East, from Brighton to London the Iconic Legion is made up of like-minded volunteers who have a passion for costuming iconic characters from movies, TV and games. Above all, they want to make a difference to people’s lives and are on a mission to raise as much money as possible for charity. Founded in 2011 the team raised a staggering £50,000 in their first 4 years alone and are still going strong.

TJC Cosplays

Toby of TJC Cosplays is an up and coming Cosplay star and anti-bullying ambassador.  As a cis-gendered male Toby decided not to let societal pressures restrict his choice of cosplays, instead fully embracing his love for strong, inspirational characters, regardless of gender. Toby is admin for a cosplay community page he created to inspire others, building their confidence and self esteem within a safe, supportive environment.

Paul MacLeod

Paul MacLeod

Paul of Dark-Heart Creations is a replica costume/creature maker and creator.  Paul's costumes stand out due to his incredible eye for detail. Self taught, by continually refining his techniques and learning new methods Paul quickly progressed to taking commissions for others. His passion and enthusiasm for his craft can be seen clearly in his finished projects.

with Amazing Photo Opportunities...

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ghost Ship

Entertaining us once more with his mischievous antics will be Captain Nutty and his Pirate Crew! His infamous ship is marooned in the cosplay hall so the captain has decided to relax on the Cannibal throne and enjoy Wyntercon VIII while he’s here.  Why not pop down there and immerse yourself in this swashbuckling fantasy and don’t forget to grab a selfie with the Captain while you’re there.

Angel Effects

Iron Man's Hall of Armor

Take a trip to Tony Stark’s mansion and visit the highest tech wardrobe on Earth! Tony’s invited a few of his superhero friends over, so keep an eye out and grab those selfies. This is a photo must for every Marvel fan.

Sussex Ghostbusters

Sussex Ghostbusters

It’s Halloween so these guys expect to be really busy. Always one of our most popular attractions, our ghostbusting heroes will again be firing up their proton packs to capture and contain any mischievous ghosts that invade the hall. This year they will also be joined by one of their larger than life old friends who will be hanging around all weekend for a unique photo opportunity not to be missed.

Star Crossed Fairies

Star Crossed Fairies

Star Crossed Fairies was founded in 2015 after James drew a beautiful steampunk girl with Monarch wings. His sister fell in love with the drawing and James magically transformed her into the first Star Crossed Fairy. More fairies were created and soon mystical creatures joined. Meet the fairies and their pet Wyvern in our magical fairy cave and create some wonderful photo memories to treasure.

M&M Muppets


Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control this attraction will not be present at Wyntercon VIII.

Star Wars Speeder Bike

Star Wars Speeder Bike

Speeder bikes are common sights throughout the galaxy, with manufacturers turning out both civilian and military models. Did you know?... One of the best-known speeder bikes is the Aratech 74-Z, which saw service during the Clone Wars and remained a mainstay of Imperial Forces during the Galactic Civil War. All speeder bikes are capable of high-speed travel and require skill and fast reflexes.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Following this multi award-winning, critically acclaimed TV series you too can transport yourself to the town of Hawkins where strange, supernatural events are turning the world Upside Down.  Take a seat on the Byers’ sofa and relax in the knowledge that should those fairy lights start flashing, we have an army of superheroes on standby, ready and waiting to take down that evil Demogorgon.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Exhibit

See and sit on the Iron Throne plucked straight from the Red Keep in Kings Landing.  We have Dragon Eggs, Crowns, the Ice Spear that struck Viserion,  A  Dothraki Arakh, Cersei Lannister's Tiara and much more located around Wyntercon VIII. Come and marvel at the huge array of replica items that have been gathered from all regions of Westeros, Essos, and Sothoryoall.

Please note that Cosplay Guests, Photo Opportunities and Attractions are subject to change without notice.


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